Our Pod

Kim Kang


Kim has been in the field of education for 30 years.  She comes to the DolphinPOD with a Bachelor in Education from the University of Calgary, Master of Arts from California, ESL certification from the University of Phoenix, and certification in Early Childhood Education,  Reading Specialist, and multicultural education.  She has taught every grade K-12, community college students, and adults in Canada and the United States.  She has worked as an advisor for international students at the University level.  What brings her to the Dolphin Way?  A new and innovative, creative, and social leadership approach to education. For play: she enjoys road biking, others: giving herself to community as much as possible, and downtime: simply doing yoga.

Montanna Howe


Montanna is an intermediate teacher and coach at St. George’s Junior School. After growing up in Victoria, she moved to Vancouver to play basketball and go to school at the University of British Columbia earning her Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Education degree. She is currently finishing her Master’s Program in Education with a focus on self-regulation and human development. The Dolphin Way is a direct connection to what Montanna strives for in the classroom with providing a safe learning environment where she can foster individual growth and give students the opportunity to explore their imagination, creativity, and independent thinking.

Outside of the classroom, Montanna enjoys traveling on weekends, playing in basketball tournaments, workshops with other teachers, walking her dog on the seawall, reading nutrition blogs, and hot yoga

Pawan Sumra Follett


Pawan is a primary teacher at Henderson Elementary School in Vancouver. She earned her Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees from the University of British Columbia.Her experience with the Vancouver School Board over the past seventeen years has also included district roles as Literacy Mentor,Early Intervention Specialist and Vice Principal. She is passionate about working with young children as they learn to read, while nurturing their social and emotional well-being.In her downtime, when Pawan isn’t busy chasing her baby and toddler,she enjoys getting lost in her current book club read, playing soccer and training for her next half marathon.

Erin Leach


Erin Leach is a personal counsellor and teacher at St. George’s School in Vancouver. In her 15 years as an educator, she has worked with children in various capacities and has maintained a deep involvement in school community. Through her experiential training, Erin is a Registered Professional Counsellor who offers innovative educational and psychotherapeutic techniques. Her approach focuses on Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Transpersonal Psychology. Erin has a deep passion for helping individuals of all ages experience personal fulfillment and life success. Erin facilitates positive shifts in perception and provides tools for children to discover and unlock their own capacity for growth. Erin finds immense value in working with the dolphin analogy by bringing play, downtime, and connectedness to the self-discovery experience, and by honouring the process of adapting as much as the results. Her unique life experience of thriving with Alopecia has gifted her with the opportunity to lead by example and demonstrate resilience, acceptance, and empathy. Erin supports women with body and self image challenges through her own private practice, and she is driven by her desire to promote personal and spiritual growth. She has many exciting past-times and hobbies, including figure skating, and travelling.

Elyse Cochrane


Elyse Cochrane is a primary teacher at Urban Academy. She was born in Ontario, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree and Bachelor of Education degree from Brock University. After moving to Burnaby, she began her Masters of Educational Technology and Learning Design at Simon Fraser University. Elyse is passionate about using technology in the classroom, and finding innovative ways to help her students reach success at all stages of their learning.

Elyse has teaching, tutoring and mentoring experiences in multiple grade levels; spanning from Kindergarten to Grade 8. She enjoys coaching and participating in co-curricular sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball. Elyse is an avid snowboarder, hiker and cyclist who loves spending her days in the mountains.